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Does Wearing 2 Masks Offer Better Protection Against Covid-19?

Wearing a mask is a protective measure for people until they get vaccinated. Latest research suggests double masking can strengthen your protection.

The research comes from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has found that double masking i.e. close-fitted surgical mask worn underneath cloth mask can enhance aerosol droplet protection by 90%.

Should you wear two masks? What do the experts say?

  • The study reveals that a single surgical mask blocks about 42% of particles. While cloth mask blocks more than 44% of infectious particles, double masking blocks 92.5% of particles.
  • Also, the study found that double masking along with other protective measures like good hand hygiene, physical distancing and avoiding crowded and poorly ventilated spaces is highly effective in slowing down the spread of coronavirus.
  • Another strategy that is as effective as double-masking is knotting the ends and tucking the fabric of your single surgical mask as it fits better.

Bottom line on wearing 2 masks

In the end it all comes down to quality vs. quantity. If you don’t  have a well-fitting mask, then wearing 2 masks may provide better protection.

However, if double-masking makes it difficult to breathe, do away with one of them. Whether you are wearing one mask or two masks together, if you can’t breathe easily through them you will end up wearing no mask or breathing around them which leads to disabling the filtration effect.

So, what is the best face mask?

A quick refresher on the best face masks

  • Must have two or more layers of breathable fabric
  • Should completely cover your nose and mouth
  • Fit snugly against the sides of your face without any gaps
  • Avoid wearing masks with exhalation valves or vent

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